handle xml as big as 2GB

can we do a ftp service in webMethods to ftp a xml having size as big as 2 giga. will the ftp connection get timeout. how can we handle this. thank you.

webMethods IS is not a good choice for a general-purpose FTP server.

You can create a custom content handler that would stream XML files transmitted over FTP to disk, but due to the complexity of this task and the potential for conflicts with the built-in XML processor, you’d probably be better off to use a commercal grade FTP server to move the files to a file system accessible to IS over a high-speed link and then use large-file processing techniques to process the file.



Is your requirement for FTP just to transport data, or is some processing of the actual data involved?

If you are just transporting data (w/o IS having to actually read in content), one of the usual tools we use is SSH protocol, the scp command in particular. It allows batch transport, compression, encryption, and recursive (whole directory) copies. That is of course if you control both transport endpoints, or can at least convince the other end to use it. If so, wM provides an (unsupported) OpenSSH package to handle just that.