Handle multipart Http Post

I am looking for a tip for building a services in Integration Server to handle a multipart Http post from a external web server.

By the way, can we create a multipart http post use the http service (pub.client.http)? How?

Really aappreciate if anyone can share some light on these.


webMethods professional services has a package called multipart which contains the content handler that can decode multipart content. Contact webMethods support - they should be able to get it for you.

To send multipart using the http service, see this thread:

Thank you so much for your help. Have a great one.


Send request to webMethods support for professional services. Here is the reply:

In later versions, we have some built-in services to hangle mime
data. Please refer to the ISBuiltInServicesGuide, chap 14 MIME Folder.
This describes all of the built in services available for handling mime
data. These services are located under the WmPublic package under the mime

This should provide all the functionality you need to handle multipart http

Is this right? Is anyone know how to handle multipart Http Post by using these MIME build-in services? Thanks.

I’ve used the MIME services sucessfully. basically, you make a new mime object, then add part by part, then you send it into the http services as a stream.

As a side note, to read a multipart MIME message response, you need to use the ‘mergeHeaderAndBody’ services to be able to make it correctly…

You may find the discussions on wmusers.com of help. Do a search for multipart mime and you’ll get a dozen hits. http://www.wmusers.com/wmusers/messages/117/740.shtml may be of particular interest.