handle different document types as an input/output pipeline parameter for a flow service

Hi i´m trying to develop a flow service that uses a document as input pipeline, but i need that document to be variable (ie a parameter) and research it´s name and contents during flow service ejecution. In the same way i need to generate then output and name it th same as the input pipeline name document i.e. i need to transform the pipeline input document and generate the output document with the same name as the pipeline input document. ¿ Could you give me some tip to get it done ???.

Thanks in advance.

Marco A Reyna

try IDataCursor api’s methods to get the document name etc.



I dont see why this is becoming an issue. As far as you are concerned create a simple MAP step and copy the existing document with the new name and instantiate it by a right click and set value.

So you will have the new document as a copy of your old document but as a blank. Manipulate as you please.