GXS 5.2- 80 byte wrapped file where CR is the segment terminator

I am new to GXS and I cannot figure out how to get past this issue. ANSI 850 inbound file that is 80 byte wrapped that uses a Carriage Return as a segment terminator. I figured I should use a OTFixed.acc as a source model. How can I make this file continuous stream or make it segment delimited?
Any help would be deeply appreciated.

This is not a GXS forum…and is webMethods (softwareAG) user forum…so please google for GXS forum based or contact GXS tech support for any product related issues.

If you are having problem with just EDI file that being routed to TN then elaborate more on your issue:


I thought I was in the right place. My mistake.

It’s ok never mind: