Guaranteed Delivery Errorcomwmappb2bclientServiceExceptionB2BSERV00869091 Parameters xmldata %24 ...


We have been using GD for about two years. From 27Mar, we get an error that we have not come across earlier. It is “[B2BSERV.0086.9091] Parameters xmldata, $filestream and $filedata are all missing. One of these must not be null.”

We are using webMethods server 6.0.1

Any help appreciated.

Did you change any of the services that you are invoking? Local-side server (client) or remote-side server?

That error comes from the pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode (a.k.a. pub.web:stringToDocument).

One possibility is that you are passing that service a and that object does not get serialized when going between machines.

Hi Fred,

Sorry for late reply. The problem was due to our customer upgraded their server SAP BC4.0 to 4.6 and this has caused the error at our end.