Grouping multiple flow steps in a sequence

I would like to know if there are any issues if a bunch of flow steps are grouped as a Sequence because they are used for a common purpose.
That way I can add comments for the sequence step explaining what the child steps do. Makes for easier reading and logical grouping inside one huge flow service.
Thoughts please!!!

But it is also better to write comments on each childsteps,and it clears lot of confusion incase if other developer edits the main flow.

Just some thoughts,

You’re right RMG. I have step specific comments for the child steps but have an overall comment for the parent sequence explaining what do ethe child steps do.
I wanted to know if there are any performance related, run time behavioral issues if child steps are grouped that way.

But what if one of the child step flows errored?Are you doing sequence try/catch in subflows and mainflows?

But there will not be any performance issues if you put under sequence,it will be fast though.

In my case all these sequence steps are inside one master try-catch sequence block. So, if any child step in any sequence bombs, the control will move to catch.

It makes sense,this is the standard way of handling.