Gnu pgp

Has anybody had any success invoking this PGP from webMethods to encrypt/decrypt a file ?? Do you have any tips for things to watch out for ?? I’ve just starting looking at converting existing Tibco Integration for Domestic Transactional Banking (PAYMUL, CONTRL, BANSTA, BankStatements). Tibco is currently encrypting/decrypting files to be SFTP’d to our Bank. Yes, I don’t know why the Legacy integration is sending/receiving encrypted files thru a secure channel…

Any help is greatly appreciated…


Yes. There is a sample package available at

Encrypting the files to be transferred over SFTP is not uncommon. It protects the file if it happens to be intercepted somehow or is sent inadvertently to the wrong destination. “Security in layers…”

Thanks Mate,
Got sidetracked on other stuff. Will definitely have a squizz at this…