Global Exchange Services GXS


We are to connect from WM 4.6 to GXS to pick up and Delivery documents. What are the communication parameters needed at the time of WAN setup in WM 4.6 for GXS?


Look in the TN docs at wmEDIforTN.VANConnectivity and review the VANFtp service. If I remember correctly it’s already setup for GXS.
Also search this group for GEIS.


Hi Chris,


has anyone used GXS connectivity in Reverse Invoke environment? what would be the way of connecting in that case?

Reverse invoke does not support the VAN pushing the EDI data down to you via FTP. I wasted alot of time trying to get this work. I still don’t fully understand why.

see this post [url=“”]


What are the differences between VANFTP services (get, ls) and the normal ftp servers (under


I managed to configure TN to connect to GXS using vanftp. ( I hope that is the way, if anyone used a different way, do let me know).

Now the service VAN.VANConnectivity:getFromVAN fails to understand output of the ls command. the ls output of GXS is somewhat like follows.

ftp> ls

200 Command Okay.
150 Opening data connection for transfer.

Sender ID St APRF SNRF Service Ref.

TESTUSER001 Y *BINARY 87694102200002 003085911823017410

226-Closing data connection - action successful.
List command OK, SNRF: 87703643400002

And this service starts treating each of the line as a file name, and fails. where is the filename is only 003085911823017410.

Can anyone help?

Hi Chirag,

I am also trying to connect using VANftp services, could you supply the parameters that we need to supply the values to.

Thanks for the help.