GFA releases TRADACOMS solution

TRADACOMS Solution Overview
The TRADACOMS standard is a popular EDI standard for exchanging trade messages between business partners. Based on the UN/EDIFACT standard syntax, it was developed by the British EAN association ANA (Article Numbering Association) for the UK retail industry. It is currently the most widely used standard in the UK among companies trading consumer goods and foods. The webMethods TRADACOMS solution enables webMethods’ European customers to exchange business documents with trading partners already using this standard.

TRADACOMS Solution Highlights

  • Supports sending and receiving of messages using the TRADACOMS version 98 standard
  • Inbound support includes standards compliance, sequence checks, validation and splitting of TRADACOMS messages
  • Outbound support includes batching of TRADACOMS messages using a public queue
  • Supports generation and processing of reconciliation messages
  • Browser GUI for setup of TRADACOMS messages as TN doc types
  • Logs activities and transactions to the TN log
Supported Platforms The TRADACOMS solution supports:
  • Integration Server 6.1 on Windows and Unix.
For More Information Check the Global Field Adapters section or send an email to if you wish to get more info.

Is the Tradacoms Packages supports webMethods 6.0.1. On of our customer looking for this solutions. He has webMethods 6.0.1 Version.


The Tradacoms solution only supports webMethods 6.1.


As per my knowledge webMethods Provides the WMEDI, WMEDIForTN and WMEDIINT for EDI Process. But for Tradacoms Solutions only One WMTradcoms package is available, I want know all above three packages solutions are embed in wmTradcoms package or I have use separately WMEDIINT and WMEDITForTN as per requirement. Please explain?


The WmTradacoms package supports parsing of Tradacoms messages within IS and TN. It has a DSP page where you can setup TN doc types. So this one package includes the functionality for the Tradacoms standard that is provided for the rest of the EDI standards as 2 packages (WmEDI and WmEDIforTN). The WmEDIINT package supports the EDIINT AS1 and AS2 standard - you can send any payload (XML or EDI) thru EDIINT.


It’s written in the TRADACOM official documentation (chapter 8) that the TRADACOM package is not compatible with Webmethod cluster environment. What are the reasons? Is it due to the "partner agreement " layer of TN?

What will be the consequences if running the TRADACOM solution in a Webmethod cluster environment?

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Can anyone provide me how can i get wmTradacom package. I am working at IS 6.1 version. My IS doesn’t have that package…

Your help is heighly appreciable.

Thanks in advance


PLease could someone explain in detail how this is done as I am unsure even after reading the Tradacoms documentation…

“Outbound support includes batching of TRADACOMS messages using a public queue”

… and I have large numbers of TRADACOMS invoices to send out on a daily basis.

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