getting xmlAdapter v 4.2 started

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Hi there,

I have a problem with configuring the XML-Adapter. I installed Adapter tools 4.1.1 and then the XML Adapter on the machine. Then I configured the adapter along the Adapter’s User Guide:


Schema URI: //
Port number for HTTP poll: 8080
Size of thread pool for http poll: 20
Size of job queue for http poll: 100
Poll time for file poll: 10 (besides: 10 what? seconds? times per minute?)
Working dir: E:\WorkingDirXML
Completion dir: E:\CompleteDirXML


no additional entries


no additional entries

Then I tried to test it, but it hangs in the step “Start adapter process in test mode” I can let it start for hours…nothing happens.

What could be the problem?


Additionally, I found out that the testing step “create client “ixmladapter”” is finished with status “completed”, but looking in the enterprise manager, the client does not exist.


Have you installed xmlAdapter v 4.2 Service Pack 3? Maybe that will help?


I already installed SP3, but it did not work. From another forum I got the hint to use tool 4.6 instead of 4.1.1 but I did not find where to download it.



What are the Activity log settings you have turned on for the XML adapter?

I have had a similar problem with the ‘log warnings’ setting on.
With the ‘log warnings’ ticked off it started fine.


We have had no problem running 4.2 XML Adapter at our site. We are not using file polling though, just using it to parse and generate XML and do HTTP Request/Reply. So, we did not configure the second tab at all.

To get any of the 4.6 tools you need to download the WebMethods Installer 4.6 and use this tool to grab these components.