":" getting URL encoded twice when posting the request to service on IS 9.8

We have recently upgraded our server from version 8.2 to version 9.8 and after that there are problems with one of our customers posting xml data to our servers.

The service receives the XML via https POST and i have liated the execute ACL for that service as Anonymous.
The funny part is the service gets invoked on the old 8.2 environment but it doesn’t even show up in Service Usage on our server.

We increased the logging level and found the below in our logs:

HTTP/1.1 404 No such object: invoke%2fPackageName.SampleFolderName1.SampleFolderName2.Services%253AServiceName

Please note the original URL is: invoke/PackageName.SampleFolderName1.SampleFolderName2.Service:ServiceName

The URL encoding for “:” should have been %3A and i see in our server logs it is %253A. So i believe it is getting encoded twice. But why only":" is getting encoded twice, why not “/”?

So is that the partner is encoding the URL twice? Or is it something different in 9.8 than 8.2, since these same calls are working on 8.2

Any kind of help will be appreciated.

Just check if partner is encoding the URL if no there should be some extended setting on IS