Getting started with TN and tutorials

Is there a tutorial for Trading Networks ? I have seen the PDFs available under <webmethods_install>\IntegrationServer\packages\WmTN\doc

Hi Wayne,
There are sample packages, WmTNSamples, available during the installation download. That is as close to a tutorial as it comes. If they didn’t download, retry and drill down when the product list is displayed.

Also, samples can be found under the WmEDIforTN package.

Jim Palmer

No formal tutorial exists, but my rates are reasonable… ;o)


Jim and Will, thanks for the info.

Yes, I saw the WmTNSamples package. Just wondered if they had some text to go along with the samples… I guess it’s basically: here’s the package, figure it out.
I’ll have a look at the WMEDIforTN package too.

Will: maybe if you write the tutorial webMethods will buy it …

Thanks again.