Getting Started with cXML and PunchOut

What is the best way to receive a punchoutSetupRequest message from an external partner? I know that this needs to go through TN, but not sure how to actually receive the message.

I just want to start with being able to accept the cXML through a service. Does this normally come through a soap message? Or do I just need to have my service accept the xml?

If you have ariba onramp adapter, you should use:
wm.b2b.cxml:receiveCXML as the inbound service to accept cXML documents.

if not, you can ask the client to send cXML documents to
install the cXML TN doc types that will be used.

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Thanks, Tong. I wasn’t sure if the onRamp adapter was still in use going off it’s version number. I looked into it a little bit, but not sure that my company will pay for it.

In regards to, is it best practice to have the execute ACL for this open so anybody can hit it? I’ve seen some suggestions where I would create a service to receive the POSR and then have this service call internally.

If you can afford it, I’d still think the Ariba OnRamp adapter is a better option. It’s still being used by many people if they are handling cXML.

I won’t recommend to allow anonymous access for any service. is by-design a common entry service provided out-of-box.

If you use some other entry service, so you can add your own logic, you can directly call internal services like:
to process the document.