Getting Request Custom Header value into Designer/Integration Server

Hello. I’d like to ask about a HTTP Request’s Custom Header Key/Value and how to read it in the Integration Server. Here’s the scenario:

I sent a HTTP Request to an API Gateway link that will be read to the Integration Server/Designer, and also added a custom header in the Request. Let’s say the custom header’s key is ‘customHeader’, while the value is ‘123ABC’ (and let’s say I’m using Postman. I just click Headers (next to Body) and add a new Key and Value named as such). I want this to be able to be read those Key/Value at the Designer.

Usually to get some headers, I’d use pub.flow:getTransportInfo. However, the result (in transport/http/requestHdrs) does not give out such custom header key/value. So what do I invoke or do in order to be able to read such custom header key/value in the designer?


Hi Wijaya,

Have you tried this in Designer? If you know the key for the custom header then you can retrieve the custom header value using the pipeline. Just see the attached screenshot, where I am trying to extract the custom header field value from the transport info. Give it a try.


Hello @Sreekanth_Siddapur_Channakeshava

I’m afraid that after trying your method, it fails. To re-iterate, I want to put a custom header in a Postman like this

So I want the customKey put on Headers to be accessible in the flow service at the designer. How do I that? Or it’s impossible at the moment?

Have you tried to make a call to pub.flow:tracePipeline following the getTransportInfo ?
it should then list all the headers received by the service from the API Gateway.

Also have you checked that the API Gateway is configured to forward all http headers ?
Check the extended setting watt.server.http.forwardHeaders on your API Gateway and make sure it is set to true

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Tried to do so. Didn’t display the result.

Tried this one too. Failed. Do I need to restart the API Gateway first?

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