Getting Null

Hi All,
I am trying to pull data from DB table and mapping to one document.

In DB table X there is a column Identity which is of type Int. But I have to map this to a field which is of String type in the document.

In the Adapter service, I have written the select query with some fields as output.
For the field Identity as part of adapter service output section I have the below one.

OutputJDBC Type → Integer
Output Field Type → String

And after getting the resultSet, I found all columns are coming fine but when I tried to map this to the corresponding fields of document, only Identity column is coming as null in the document output where as rest all is fine.

Kindly help to resolve this.


Hello All,

Can someone help me to resolve this.


Share me the screen shots of your select adapter service. Make sure the screen shot captures SELECT and WHERE tab.

Are you using custom/dynamic query?


PFA snap. Its not working with SQL Server.


  • Snap

It’s been fixed. I created a new doc with the same fields, mapped it again and removed old doc. It’s working fine.

Thanks all for your inputs.