Getting Images when the Tamino server is not on the internet


I am using C# and ASP.Net with Tamino. The Tamino server resides on the LAN but is not exposed to the internet. The problem I am having is with the web service that returns the nonXML blobs. The path is not valid on the public internet only in the LAN. I tired to stream the files which works for some image types but won’t work for all the file types we store. Is anyone else doing this?? Or is the best solution to expose the Tamino server to the internet??


A common solution to expose to the outside internal resources is to use a proxy, i.e. a new ASP.Net page that is more or less in the inside but exposed to the outside (e.g. in the DMZ) and provides controlled access from the outside to Tamino. So you ask images to the proxy and then it accesses Tamino, but not in the broad way Tamino allows but in a more restricted way.

Hope this helps