getting error while creating connection for jdbc using MSSql

[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource SqlConnections:sqllocal.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
[ADA.1.200] The JDBC DataSource class “” cannot be located.


The error is indicating that the JDBC Adapter not able to locate the the driver class. I think the MS SQL JDBC driver is missing or misplaced on wrong path. Please refer to JDBC Adapter user guide on where you need to place the file.

If I recall correctly, it should be under /opt/softwareag/webMethods/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmJDBCAdapter/jars/lib/static

In fact, please be more resource and just google. There is already a tutorial available on techcommunity guiding you how to use JDBC Adapter and where to place the driver file.

Thanks Mike for a quick response but I have placed the jars files in correct location

Place JAR files in these locations :



I have placed in these two locations. Still I am getting the same issue

Hi Pavan,

the second place sounds valuable for me as long as the jar does not contain a native part.
the first one should be extended to the lib/jars/custom folder to indicate that the jar is not part of the base installation but was added later.

Where did you obtain the jar file from?
Which one exactly?
Was the package WmJDBCAdapter reloaded and/or the IS restarted after placing the jar?


First, check whether the jar file that you’ve used contained the namespace of the class, you can do so by using 7zip and open the archive and see if you can see the folder structure down towards the subfolder containing the class file.

Then you can also take a look at the IS about page. Take a look whether the jar file is loaded as part of the classpath. If yes, then there shouldn’t be a reason why this is not working.

Over the year, I’ve supported and reproduced so many cases, and the conclusion usually ended up with either the path is not correct, the jar file is not right, or the jar file doesn’t contain the class file for which the driver is using.

You’ve to do further troubleshooting on this.

Another thing that SAG R&D would perhaps ask you to do, create a java jdbc program in eclipse. Try to use the same jar file and see if the java file works or not. That will help you to narrow down whether it’s jar file issue or otherwise.

Thanks Holger for the quick response i have extended jars in the custom folder but still i am facing the same issue

Where did you obtain the jar file from?
i had downloaded it through internet
Download mysql-connector-java JAR 8.0.11 ➔ With all dependencies! from these site

Which one exactly?
i had attached jars file in the below

Was the package WmJDBCAdapter reloaded and/or the IS restarted after placing the jar?
yes i have reloade and restart the IS after placing the jars

protobuf-java-2.6.0.jar (582 KB)

Hi Pavan,

It’s a clear mistake there. You are trying to connect to Microsoft SQL server, but driver you use is for MySQL. These are totally two different databases from different vendors.

Depending on your IS JVM and also which sql server version, please get the driver here: Download - JDBC Driver for SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

JDBC adapter is used by thousands of companies and have been tested rigorously and certified with all the database published in adapter system requirement document. So most of the time, it’s all due to misconfiguration.

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Hi Pavan,

looks like you have download the wrong driver type (it is for MySQL, which does not work with MSSQL).

I would prefer the latest version of the driver downloaded from MS directly:

(link is in german, but when search for “mssql jdbc driver download” you will get a link in english when this is your preferred language)

Official Drivers for MySQL should be downloaded from , except you need them for automatic compilation & build for some integrations (i.e. Maven)