Getting CPU Load high alert on only one IS which is in cluster with 4 nodes


Can someone please explain why we will get CPU Load alert and how we can clear the alert.

We are having 4 IS’s in cluster and in that one IS is getting CPU load high alert

CRITICAL: CPULOAD (602.8) is too high, max is 90

I have checked requests towards the IS, requests are low only.

I am unable to get why alert is coming on only one IS and how we can resolve it

Can someone please help me


Hi Hema,

are you sure that it is coming from the IS?

Can you check with “top”?

Can take some thread dumps for the IS process?
Are there any entries in the logs which might be helpful?

Does restarting the IS resolve the issue?

Which Version of IS are you running on?


Hema – You can see how much load is carrying over by your IS, also involve use System Administrator to get more detailed information about this alert.


Hi Thomsen & MR,

Thanks for the replies.


We are monitoring our IS with a tool and that monitoring tool is throwing the alert.

Have checked maximum threads and current thread count at that alert time and I couldnt find much difference in the number compared to the normal times and alert times.

I have checked the traffic and logs on that IS I couldnt find any difference with normal time.

We are getting alert occasionally and we are getting recovery alert also after sometime, but i need to know why alert is coming when there is no difference in traffic and thread count compared to normal time.

version of IS:Version


Yes, I have checked load(traffic) on the sever but I havent get any clue.