How to reduce Heartbeat thread count


We are facing an issue in our integration server, each time when the server is restrated heartbeat thread count is piling up and in turn all the services will be hung after some threshold value reached.

Can someone explain me what is the purpose of the heartbeat threads in IS and how to reduce the thread count.


Have you checked the Settings–>Resources threads,memory allocation and see whats going on?

Under Settings–> Threads available are 93% as of now. But am able to see lot of Heartbeat Request Thread count under Server > Statistics > System Threads we have restarted the server recently and it will increase the count automatically now.


Here is the statistics under Settings–> Resources:
Server Thread PoolAvailable Threads 76 % (302 Threads) Maximum Threads 400 Minimum Threads 10 Available Threads Warning Threshold 15 % (60 Threads)