Getting back to accuracy and speed?

It is good that QuiP more accurately reflects the XQuery working draft. Unfortunately, I am having the same problems that Bill_S reports earlier. QuiP is slower on my queries than Even worse, the results are incorrect, returning only a fraction of the results that correctly returns.

Any update on a version of QuiP that combines performance with working draft correctness would be most appreciated!

I am hoping to demonstrate QuiP at a September conference as an example of using XQuery in music applications. At the moment that would have to be, but my queries make heavy use of the string function which was called string-value in


Michael Good

We wound up staying with QuiP 2.1.1 for the MAX 2002 conference on Musical Applications Using XML.

If people are interested in seeing XQuery and QuiP used in music information retrieval, the paper is available at:

The XQuery material is towards the end of the paper.

Michael Good
Recordare LLC