getRowSelectedCount() reset

I have an application that uses a list and with each selection the displayed Picklist has the provider data updated for the table. When I get the getRowsSelectedCount() value, it continues to increase when I click the selected check box, even though there is only X items selected, or if it is 0.

How do you reset this counter value and have it start over at 0? I saw a post somewhere that getRowSelectedCount().clear() is supposed to work, but that threw an error that it did not have the clear method available.

The application is within 8.2 Fix 18.


From the server-side java code, get your table content provider and call the API to set the selected row ids to an empty collection:


Or from client-side javascript code, get your table model and call the API to unselect all items :

var tableModel = CAF.model('#{caf:cid("yourTableId")}');

Eric, thank you so much. That was it. I used the selectNone() and I am in business.



Do you have any recommendations for a JSF or more advanced webMethods CAF class? I am looking to take a course to get more up to speed on some of the more advanced things related to webMethods CAF/JSF.

Thank you