Hi All,

I am trying to create a flow service in which I am using another service called getLocalReleasedList. I guess this service is supposed to return the list of released packages (the name of the zip files that is) present in the outbound of the service, but i am not getting any output :confused:.

Can anyone plz help??

Thanks in Advance…

Sudarshan Vyas

Hey Sudarshan I created a flow service and called the service.It does return all the contents in the output.

Are you mapping the output onto some doc?



What I am trying to do is… get the result using this service, which will return a dodument list, then I am looping on this list. In the loop I am trying to map it… to a document. Since it wasn’t directly giving any output… but this is not hjelping too… :frowning:

Mine is actually not returning anything. So its not entering into the loop