GetLastError not working

I’ve built a flow like this…

SEQUENCE on Success
…SEQUENCE on Failure (try)
…Do some stuff
…BRANCH on count
…$default: SEQUENCE
…$default: EXIT ‘$parent’ and signal FAILURE
…Do more stuff
…SEQUENCE on Done (catch)

The getLastError will be null if the routine hits the exit and signal failure. It does jump to the “catch” as the flow should. But the error is not set with the failure error message. So when I attemt to get the error message, nothing is returned… :frowning:

Other errors, if encountered, will be caught and dealt with properly. (ie, the getLastError does return the correct error msg.)

Any thoughts on getting this to work? Thanks in advance! …Kevin


See this thread: I’m sure there are others on this board as well that may be helpful. We’ve found it best to use a custom Java service to throw the exception explicitly, as suggested by others. There are some drawbacks to this workaround, but it gets the job done reliably.

Include the error message for exit step in “failure-message” parameters.
So when exit step is executed, getLastError will receive the error message from the exit step

Does 6.x now do this? I’ll need to check this out cuz in earlier versions setting the failure message did nothing–getLastError returned null.