getLastError - > %lastError/pipeline% is not carrying pipeline values after geting exception

Hi Guys,

I’m getting this wierd behaviour of IS where after encountering the error in the flowservice, when catching the getLastError there is no pipeline data from the Try block.

I can clearly see several variables and documents present in the pipeline before the control goes inside Catch block. But after stepover to getLastError the pipeline details are not there I can see other error fields present.

Any suggestions ?


Strange, I think you might have to check the java service in your screenshot if that is doing something to the pipeline data. Try disabling it and make any step in try sequence to fail and see if the pipeline in get last error shows up.

Could you please check if the service is invoked as part of a transformer?


There is nothing done to the pipeline data. FYI, the error is inside the Map transformation. Even the manually induced error in the Try sequence is not carrying Pipeline data to Catch sequence.

You mean the transformer inside the Map ?

Can you share the screenshots of your flow service mainly the MAP step with the pipeline in and out snaps?

This is a simple Mapping with some null exceptions during the operations. Screenshots attached…

The flow service looks good, can you try divide ints (divide by zero) and make sure main is set to success, try to failure and catch to done.

If still the same issue then it might be a product bug or something, try reproducing the same on your local IS and check.

One possible reason is the pipeline is empty when error occurred. I could see error occurred in service ODD_OPMS.ODD_JavaService:ScopeFlag_javaService, and I didn’t see it in screen shot. I guess it’s in the first MAP step. Could yo u provide the screen shot of MAP step which contains that service?

As a troubleshooting approach, how does it behave if the service being called via transformer is invoked instead of via transformer?

Sorry for late reply… Root cause found… Its the behavior of Map step. The transformations called within the Map step should not throw any error or exception. The pipeline is destroyed here. Its weird, i think software Ag should change this behavior of Map step…

If the output is mapped in transformer service then it should go to catch block and it will return the lasterror document.

Did you try?