getAssignedToList <- return type


I have a question about the get().getTaskInfo().getAssignedToList() method.

I understand that the return type of this method is a String arrayList containing the assigned users.
But, does that list can contains role name too ?

One example :
My task is assigned to the userID “mathieu” and to the roleID “commercial”.
Will the “getAssignedToList()” method return me “mathieu” and “commercial” or “mathieu” and the list of user contained in the role “commercial” (“sandra” and “patrick”) ?

Thx in advanced.

Hello Mathieu,

the list contains ids of principals. This can be user ids or role ids. The roles are not resolved so you won’t get the users belonging to the role - the “getAssignedToList()” method returns “mathieu” and “commercial” and you have to “guess” which of the ids is a user or a role.

Hope that helps.


Thx this helps a lot.

Now I know that I need to check the principals using USER_TYPE and ROLE_TYPE.