get user list / LDAP

Where can I find the class/methods to get at the user list that is used by the Administration? I am looking at portlet and working with directory set such as being able to bring up user list that we have hooked up via LDAP through MWS.

have a look into the classes under the Common Directory Services API
One example on using them:

IDirectorySystem directorySystem = DirectorySystemFactory.getDirectorySystem();
/* Create a Directory Session to access the directory services */
IDirectorySession session = directorySystem.createSession();
IDirectoryPrincipal ownerUser = session.lookupPrincipalByName(
					"fga", IDirectoryPrincipal.TYPE_USER);

Unfortunately, the Common Directory Services API will not deliver you the users in a role defined by an LDP query (in case you are looking for that).

hope this helps



user = ds.lookupPrincipalByDN(dn, IDirectoryPrincipal.TYPE_USER);

where dn is Distinguished Name from ldap for example “uid=piotrw,ou=people,dc=itg,dc=pl”

It`s work fine.

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