Get the value of the incoming transaction from SOAP

Hello WM Experts,

Good day.

Hope you can help me to solve the puzzle.
We are in the midst of testing to with other department on the current project.

Basically, my team is sharing the SOAP WSDL to other team which they can invoke the URL to send the data in XML format.
It is using plain HTTP since we are in under same company network.

While testing using SOAP UI, everything is fine.
But the problem when they tested using their program, in MWS it is coming is unknown document and it become IGNORED.

The other team insisted that they had sent out the correct format but to me what they sent is wrong since it is become “unknown” transaction. And i don’t have prove to them that what they send is wrong.

Is there anyway to see the original data/payload that they sent in Webmethods?
I can’t see the content in MWS since it is already translated.
Someone told me that we can enable to IS log to see the incoming transaction, but i am not sure which part of IS log that I need to enable.

Appreciate any advise.

Thank you.

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Fanny T

Hi Fanny,

if possible you can try to put a TCP-Monitor in between, but this requires graphical output (it is bit tricky on unix, but possible).
Then disable the HTTP port in IS and open it in the TCP-Monitor and redirect to another HTTP-Port in IS.

See IS Administrators Guide for details about the Log Factories in IS.
Suggest to increase the level for these:
0039 HTTP Request
0054 HTTP Document Handler

There might be some others, but these two are most likely the closest one to log the payload to the server.log.
Remember to reset them to the default after you have finished your analysis as otherwise the server.log will become unusal big consuming space in the filesystem.


If you’re using an IS Web Service Descriptor (I’m not sure with the mention of MWS in here), you can set the Integration Server -->“0088 SOAP” Facility to Debug in the Settings-Logger-Server Log settings. For me, that captured the inbound and outbound XMLs of a SOAP request into the server.log file.

My experience is with IS 10.1.

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Hi Holger and Eross,

Thanks for the advise.
Definitely will setup as advise and see what we get.

Thank you again.

Best Regards,
Fanny T

Hi All,

Just want to give update on my issue.
I found that enabling Server Logging for “Integration Server --> 0088SOAP” did the trick for my case, since we are using SOAP service.
And finally we found also that the other party, they didn’t enable “Use SOAP envelope” and also didn’t put any value for “SOAP Action”.
Once they put these setting properly, the incoming messages can retrieved successfully.

Thanks again for all the help.
Hopefully this information can be useful for others.

Best Regards,
Fanny T