Get IDOCNumber after sending IDOC to SAP

Hi folks,

I have one question: We are sending idocs to SAP System with service Is there a possibility to get back the idocnumber, which was created within SAP for this IDOC?

we need the idoc number for correlating the original document in Custom UI(on top of TN)!

Pls advice how to get the idocnumber, if possible.



This is a delayed response, but I ran across your post just now while researching IDOC number issue. According to GEAR SAP Integration Implementation Guide, SAP can be configured to generate an auditing IDOC (ALEAUD) which can be sent to wM to provide IDOC number, original document number and IDOC status. Have you tried this or found another way of accomplishing this? I am interested in knowing the outcome.



Hi schlahu/Werner/All,

I know its pretty old post but still I am hoping if some one might know/alternative approach as how to get the iDOC number for correlating the original document.
Thanks in advance.