Generic Validation service for EDI and PIP


Can any one help me how to create a Generic validation service which should validate EDI, RosettaNet and ebXML standards all in one service level which acts as a reusable component.

Appreciate for your valuable inputs.


Been working with EDI long?

Hi mcarlson,

Do have a good understanding on EDI, but my question is whether is it possible to have a generic validation service which can be used for all the eStandards like EDI, PIP, ebxml.


Not quite sure how a generic service would validate each of those very different standards? Rob’s suggestion of using pub.schema:validate is a good one assuming you have either an XML schema or IS doc type representing each type of thing to be validated and can know somehow which thing to validate against.

Seems that the scope is a bit too broad, but perhaps I’m not understanding your goals.