Generating a .csv file

In order to generate a csv output like below, what should be the field position and delimiter?
Record1 Record2 Record3
Field 1 Field2 Field3

Record position - 0, delimiter comma
Field position - 9(counting Record1 position), delimiter comma

My output now:
Record1Field1 Record2 Field2 Record3 Field3

Always the field comes in the same line as Record but I need the field value below the corresponding record on the next line. What is the way to do this?

Hi Venkat,

can you define the line with the Records as a Header line?

can you provide some screen shots from your schema and dictionary definition?


Hi Holger,
I didn’t create a dictionary, using schema directly for now. Delimiters and field, record positions mentioned in my previous post. Keeping the records as header is exactly what I’m looking for.

I managed to create the CSV by making 2 dicts & 2 schemas, one for records as header and other for corresponding fields.