General question regarding savePipeline and restorePipeline

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I’ve a question regarding savePipeline and restorePipeline.

I’m working on IS and TN. I’m getting a flat file from partner, I created a gateway service which gets the data from partner and sends it as a stream to TN. In the processing rule in TN, I defined a service and TN is invoking the target service.

Everything is working fine. I got a savePipeline at the begining in the target service and no restorePipeline. I restored the pipeline using the pub.flow.restorePipeline and saved it locally. Now when I execute the service in the debug mode by restoring the pipeline locally from the results tab, I can see all the data but the service does not execute.

Any suggestions…

Just a hint.
There are certain things that can not be saved in a pipeline.
Streams are one of them so that may be your problem.
You can convert your stream to a string first and then savePipelineToFile.



After you pushed the flatfile to TN and this inturn invoking that target service then you should see the “bizdoc” variable after you do restorepipeline.
So extract the bizdoc/content(bytes)object then map this bytes to further processing ie wm.flatfile:convertToValues input (ffData).It should work.


Thanks Chris and RMG.

Chris, I think you are true that there are certain things that cannot be saved into pipeline and ofcourse here I’m saving the stream.



Still wondering that why you are saving the stream from the pipe?
you can directly make use of bizdoc/content (unless you have not configured TN largefile handling)from the pipeline and map or convert this to your further downstream process for parsing,translation etc…

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Yes, I do confirm there are some elements that can not be saved.
I think the only ones that can be saved are the java objects which are serializable.
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we are not making use of restorePipeline in the services.



As you said using of savePipelineToFile/restorePipeLineToFile,
I mean restorePipelineToFile just for testing/debugging purpose,not for realtime advantage.To point towards “bizdoc” in the pipeline i have sugessted.your service input should be ( this bizdoc will be always in the pipeline.

Anyways i hope your problem resolved.



while working with streams, always try using savePipeline and restorePipeline. Not the savePipelineToFile

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