GD Service pubremotegdend


We are facing a problem while using the “” service.

Our requirement is that - we use GD “” in a Flow Service (Say F1) to deliver document to a flow service (say F2) in the the same IS. This flow service (F2) does some process and it will call a remote service in remote IS (say F3). The F3 will do a series of process.

Now in the service F1 we check the status of GD using the service “” in a repeat loop until the timeout set by us 2 Minutes. If the status of the GD is not return as “DONE” then we call “” to end the GD.

But we found that during the timeout condition the GD is not end until the flow service F3 is completed.

We want to end the service F3 when it is time out.

Could you pls put your idea on this to solve the problem and let us know the solution.

Thx in Advance.