fully qualified path of the services and document

Hi All,

Is there any way to get the fully qualified path of the service in the flow service?(it’s own path), programatically?

For Ex: During publishing a document we give documentType(Normally we hard code fully qualified path ), is there any way to avoid this kind of hard coding?

and also avoiding hardcoding of qualified path of java and flow services, any built in service available.

anil kumar e

How would you envision getting the fully qualified path of an element? What would the caller pass to a service to indicate “I need the fully qualified path of XYZ”?


You can use a config file to store this value and then use it later in the services.


PSUtilities.misc:getServiceName by this utility service we can get qualified path of the service, please tell me any utility service is there to fully qualified path of document,if i map the document as a input to the utility service

anil kumar ellendula

I want to do something similiar. i have a publish step, and I am using a document reference structure to the “document” input. I either have to lookup the document reference name or hardcode it to the documentTypeName input of the Publish step. I would be nice if the document reference could be figured out in flow so a lookup or hardcoding of the document name was not needed.

How would you envision referring to the document type? What other name could be used?

I think I understand the desire–to avoid using the full name in case the name changes. But when the name changes, then you’ll need to change something somewhere, be it a properties file or some other facility that maps a short-hand name to the real name.