FTPS Supported in WM 9.0??

Does WM 9.0 integration Server supports FTPS if yes how or we need to write customized code?

It does support FTPS.

Can you share your requirement in-detail.

Receiving is supported by configuring a FTPS-Port (Security->Ports), sending by Build-In-Service pub.client.ftp:*

If your are looking for SFTP you should consider wM 9.5, but this one only supports getting and putting, no ports like the above. We use a WS for our partner systems to inform us that there is new data available and we than fetch it from the SFTP server. Our partners force us to use SFTP as by Companies and Partners Security restrictions.

Clearification of Types:
FTPS: FTP over SSL (Authentication is in plain text)
SFTP: FTP over SSH (Authentication is crypted)


Hello Mahesh

We have a client that we need to send data they do not support SFTP, the only protocol we can use to communicate with this client is thru FTPS.

Greg: Also SFTP: FTP over SSH (Authentication is crypted) there is no need to encrypt the data?

Thanks for all the replies.

Data is always encrypted by the Transport layer in both cases.
Thats what the S stands for: Secure