FTPS support for RI

Hi All,

I have a requirement to support FTPS pull/push from our application on IS. The problem is RI server. I searched the forum and found that FTPS is not supported by RI. webM provides informal support for FTPS inbound only through some wrapper kind of services to be made available on RI and the same concret services on IS.

I thought of using some imtermediate service provider to do FTPS pull/push on our behalf with the customers and communicate with our application with our application supported protocols. Seems we can’t go for it to reduce the vendor dependency.

Pls suggest some idea/work around or any alternative if we can do this.


Have you tried to use SFTP instead to put/get the files from the RI server? If you haven’t, check that RI supports SFTP and if it does, search the forums for a possible implementation.

I know that there is an webMethods Package called OpenSSH which does this, or you can use the JSch - Java Secure Channel (www.jcraft.com/jsch/) and write your own SFTP services. There are plenty of examples on Google for doing so.



Hi Aditya,

Thanks for the reply.
We do use sftp and ftps to put files on our local servers from where they can be pulled by required internal systems.
Our requirement is to put or pull files from external FTPS servers(customers) to our IS and process it. The process needs to be initiated from our end.


An RI server isn’t involved in IS outgoing connections.

You may need firewall policy adjustment to allow the IS machine to go out on a particular port and you may need to use passive mode.

Thanks Reamon,
It’s helpfull.