FTPS (NOT SFTP) : IS as a Client to an SSL based FTP server


Several people have raised this question before and I am starting a new thread just to get more clarity and answers for some of my questions.

Firstly, I would like to clarify that what we want to do is FTPS (SSL based) and not SFTP (SSH based, for which webMethods has a package OpenSSH)

As we all know, IS provides a Built-In service to connect to an FTP server and perform common FTP operations. This service also has an input parameter called auth which takes one of the following values … None, TLS, SSL and TLS-P.

After reading the IS Admin guide and Built-In service Ref Guide, you get to understand that this service with an auth parameter set to SSL or TLS, can connect to an SSL based Secure FTP server.

We got our customer to give us the public key to access their Secure FTP server and we placed it in Trusted CA store as a .DER file. When we run the FTP:Login service with required credentials, we immediately see the following in server logs. The Firewall has been configured to allow IS requests through.

[1]2010-11-10 10:12:40 EST [ISC.0064.0020T] host: XX.XXX.XX.X port: 990 User ID: *******
[2]2010-11-10 10:12:40 EST [ISC.0064.0021T] Successfully connected to host: XX.XXX.XX.X port: 990

The service continues to run in the Developer for 60 seconds even after the above messages. After 60 seconds of connection attempt timeout, the Error Log shows the following.

com.wm.net.ftpCException: [ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server

First question is What do I interpret these messages as? Was the Login really successful? If so, then why does the next failure message come?

We checked with the customer’s FTP server logs and below is what they see.

b 11/10/2010 10:18:33 AM - (not logged in) (XXX.XXX.XX.XX)> 421 Login time exceeded. Closing control connection.
(021441) 11/10/2010 10:18:33 AM - (not logged in) (XXX.XXX.XX.XX)> disconnected.[/b]

Can someone who has connected successfully connected to a Secure FTP server using FTP over Implicit TLS/SSL throw some light on this please?

Thanks for your response in advance,

Integration Server does not support FTPS, so you have to use an external library, e.g. JScape.

Integration Server does not support implicit mode FTPS (where the port is always SSL), only explicit (where you switch using AUTH TLS).

Stewart’s comment is referring to SFTP which is not supported.