Ftp server

Hi ,

How to Create User and password for ftp Server.Iam new to ftp.Please help me how to create.Server is already existed in the system.

Hi Madhvi,

Since we are connecting to a ftp server using client role, i am afraid you don’t have any out of box service to directly create users on FTP server.

You need to work with the team who are managing this FTP server to create the users for you… moreover which operating system is this FTP server resides on.
If its unix you can create shell script by using commands like “useradd” and then invoke from Webmethods flow services. if Windows please check the relevant ftp command to create users.

Hope it helps.



Here we are using windows server 2003.do you have any idea which commands can i use to create User.

I am afraid there are not direct commands for this action (atleast to my knowledge).

You can still browse through below links and see if they helps.