FTP query and advice

Hi all,

I would like to copy a file from one FTP host to another FTP host.

Is there a webMethods built-in service that allows copying a file from one FTP host to another FTP host?
If not, what the best way to do this in webMethods Integration Server?


Hi Nicole,

Refer built-in Service guide for details.

Puneet Saxena

Perhaps IS isn’t the best tool for this particular function? While it can be done, file copying from one FTP server to another can probably be accomplished more readily using other facilities.

Some FTP servers support the proxy command, which allow you to connect directly to another FTP server. You could then transfer files between the two servers withouth having to pull the file down to your local box before sending it to the target.

If you’re dead set on using the IS for this file transfer, then you can try to use the pub.client.ftp:quote service to issue the proxy command OR you can first pull the file (or contents of the file) using pub.client.ftp:get and then send it using pub.client.ftp:put.

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