FTP Port 8021 query

Hi All,
we are planning to use webemthods FTP Port 8021 to trigger our Integration.we will be placing the input file in ns folder of the service to be triggered.
My question is regarding ,when the service will be triggered.Is it possible that the Integartion can kick off while the file is still getting ftp ed? or will the Integration be kicked off only when the whole file is ftp ed completely??
we dont want to process an incomplete file.Thats our intention.

Can somebody pls throw some light on this??



The file will be in IS memory and it will not process incomplete file until ftp put connection is closed.But for large files say above 25MB you might encounter connection lost or closed exception when you do ftp put on ns ofcourse files will be processed successfully at this point IS memory usage will be higher.


The size of our file might be 2 or 3 MB.we will try this FTP triggering ,as the process will not start until the whole file is FTPed.

Thanks a lot RMG.