Hello Everyone,

I am looking for some recommendation on how to implement SFTP in webMethods 7.1.2. Currently, our webMethods are installed on Windows 2003. I see alot of posts in regarding to implementing OpenSSH with webMethods. However, when i look into OpenSSH, i don’t see anywhere on the website that can be install on Windows platform. Please help!


Hi Tiff,
webMethods does not support SFTP out of the box. for windows you need to use third party tool for SFTP and place the file to the file system then you need to do the file polling using webMethods for picking the file.

You can use a Java library, such as Ganymed SSH-2 for Java, wrapped with a couple of Java services you write to provide SFTP facilities rather easily.

Thank you!

There used to be a OpenSSH sample implemenatation available on Advantage as a download which is a good starting point. This allows implementation of direct ssh calls, scp and sftp.

Also consider Maverick libraries, wrote a very stable and standardized solution using these. Be careful of the OpenSSH mentioned, as it has to make system calls to execute and some details of the execution could be lost in case of troubleshooting.

We’ve had issues working with the OpenSSH package, since the CommandRunner class that is used seems to fork the JVM somehow and create memory spikes on the server.

I’ve been investigating JSch, but it’s amazingly un-documented and hard to use. I will start looking into ganymed ssh.

It’s frustrating that Software AG has refused to support SFTP for this long, and continues to focus on BPM and SOA-Governance while their core “ESB” is left buggy, sad and alone.