Ftp Mechanism

Hi All,

For understanding the concept of delivery mechaism i am using ftp server i my local system. In receiver patner profile in delivery mechaism i have given “primaryFtp” and other information like hostname =“localhost”,port =“21”,userName and password of ftp server. I have not change location
“/invoke/wm.tn/receive” here location can we have to give local ftp folder name.

my aim is to understand all 4 delivery document by condition

  1. queue for polling
  2. receiver pref protocol
  3. schedule delivery
    4 immediate delivery

I tried all the four option but in my local ftp server folder i have not receive the sender file name. Can you please guide me how i can get the sender file into my ftp folder and what steps i have to fallows


You can use the pub.flow:getTransportInfo service inorder to extract the original filename.Invoke this service as a first step in your receive service and for testing put a savepipeline and when you restorepipeline you will the transportinfo contents in the pipeline.

P.S:This will work only if you are ftpeing directly to a flow service and not to TN receive that hit a processing service.


What is the “local FTP server folder” name? That is the folder to specify in the Location rather than “/invoke/wm.tn/receive”.