FTP Login Service

We have a scenario whereby the built in ftp Login service is throwing an exception error because the remote FTP server it is calling is sending back a welcome message on login. It seems to work fine with other remote servers we are ftp’ing files to that dont have a welcome message. Apart from asking our business partner to not have a welcome message on their ftp server, is there a way in webMethods to handle this issue.


what is the exception you are getting


The error it throws is:

Could not run ‘login’.
com.wm.net.ftpCException: [ISC.0064.9005]

Can’t you just wrap the login call with a try / catch, and if it is that specific exception, ignore it? Any other exceptions should be rethrown.

Was there any other error info after the ISC.0064.9005 string? Is S-FTP being used? You may want to open a service request with wM tech support.

Thanks guys. It appears this is a known issue. We are using 6.5 and have recently implemented a patch that caused the FTP service to break. The fix for the patch was released with SP3.