FTP- IP address/DNS

Hi all,

I’m using SAP BC 4.7 and I have problem with the ftp service(pub.client.ftp.login) to resolve DNS name for a ftp server, the error message is: connection time out. But when I’m using IP-address instead it’s working correctly.

Can anybody help me why?
Any ideas and suggestion welcome

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sounds like a DNS issue as opposed to an Integration Server issue. Can you ping the hostname from the command line? Has the hostname recently changed?

Thank you for you reply.

Yes, I can ping the hostname. The hostname has been recently changed (about 4 weeks ago at the time ftp service (pub.client.ftp.login) worked with the hostname). Do you any ideas why the ftp service now not working with the hostname?

I’m assuming you changed the hostname in the IS to match the new hostname? And was it the actual hostname or the IP address that changed? The JVM caches IP addresses but it should have expired after 4 weeks.

If you can ftp from the command line on the same server as the IS then as long as everything matches (hostname, username, password) you should be good to go.

The JVM by default caches name resolutions forever. If this has not been changed (per info from Sun to set name resolution TTL values) and if IS has not been restarted in those 4 weeks, then this may be the issue.