FTP Gateway Issue ** Need Help**

I have a situation when I’m using FTP Gateway to get a file from external FTP site with below unix command:

‘cd /ftphome/bit11715/atsg2/WIPTS/raw_data_tsmc;get BP_EWO_ATSG_20071017093007.XML’

for some reason, It came back with an error saying: the directory can not be found

I think the root cause might be that I didn’t specify the Local Directory where I want to put the file. The local root directory denying permission to write access so I have to put it somewhere else.

How can I work around this? Please advise.


Hi Andre,

I don’t think your problem is the local directory at all. Actually, any files you retrieve with get using the ftp gateway are used to replace the current message payload (unless you direct the gateway output to a new message part).

If you are working on a Unix system, then the url “/ftphome/bit11715/atsg2/WIPTS/raw_data_tsmc” must begin in the root directory. If the directory string does not represent an absolute path you have to remove the initial “/”.

Let me know if that helps any.