FTP from WM to another FTP site

What is the best way to use the wm ftp capabilities for sending data to another ftp server that is not a webMethods server. i have looked at the ftp service and see where there are connection parameters for the userid/password I assume of my wm server. How do I specify where it is going? I see there’s a path parameter and local and remote files.
I created a java program from the generated code within wm ftp service. I have never had any success using it to write(put) a file into a directory even on the same server as my wm server.


pub.client:ftp service can do file transfer either to local or remote.or either u can use get,put individual cervices located in the ftp folder.

Just set the below parameters to put a file on remote FTP server or even you can put a file on the WM server filesystem itself.WM server itself can act as a FTP server.

If you want to put a file locally on wmserver set
username/password/Port(default port or FTP port configured on IS/Ports section) ,
dirpath=set the working directory path where the file should put,if it is a remote path make sure put privileges are there)
localfile-set the whole file path of the file to be transferred
remotefile-set some filename the file which you have transferred will be saved with this name
content-send bytes or stream



The pub.client:ftp service is very easy and quite useful for connecting to most ftp servers

serverhost is the ftp server you are connecting to
serverport you can leave empty, unless you are using a non-standard port
username & password refer to the credentials on the remote ftp server
command is ls, put or get, depending on whether you want to list remote files, send (put) a file, or recieve (get)
dirpath is the path of the directory on the remote server
localfile is the filename on your IS (not required if you don’t want to persist the file locally)
remotefile is the remote file name (get or put only)

if you want to do something more complex, you can use the services in the pub.client.ftp folder.

Refer to the webMethods Integration Server Built-In Services Reference manual for more details in the client folder.

Hi, what is the syntax for sending a file to a WM ftp port?

I want to test a service that will receive a file that is ftp’ed to the IS.

I understand that in you will connect to the ftp server (wm), browse to a the folder where the service reside?! What read/write rights must be on this folder and what is the exact path to a service?


Refer to page 12 of the “XML Services Developer’s Guide.pdf” for 6.x. It has the information you’re looking for.