FTP features of webMethods

We are in the process of designing a system for doing FTP (put and get) using webMethods. In this regard I have some queries.
Is webMethods a true FTP server and provide all the security features of an actual FTP server. (I think it supports some API’s for FTP that are used to do some basic FTP operation). I am looking for what all security feature does webMethods provides as an FTP server.
My requirement is to have a file and folder level user authentication.

I am using webMethods 4.6 and NT server combination.
Has any one implemented complete FTP using webMethods.
Appreciate quick help !!!


WM in NOT a full FTP server. It can accept a transmission and pass it to a service, as specified by the CD command. Users are defined on the WM user screen and you can control which which services they can invoke.

But, WM does not have the core file managment functionality that you find in an real FTP server. Most of the features you mention could to be implemented as flow services, but there would be all sorts of issues.

You need a real FTP server. There are many inexpensive implementations available. The best choice would depend on your specific needs. I use the Serv-U server. (www.serv-U.com)

It will be far easier to put in a real server and, if needed, access it from WM with the ftp client commands.

Thanks Foster. But we are trying to justify the use of wm IS server as a full FTP server with all security features.
Is there a way we can integrate windows NT user authentication functionality with webMethods to extend wm functionality to file management.
Any ideas on those lines…


This is not a good idea. IS is not a “real” FTP server. You’ll constantly be fighting the limitations to implement what real FTP servers provide out of the box.

The use of FTP by IS is to provide a standard protocol for invoking services and passing relatively small documents to those services. It is awesome for this purpose. It is not good for traditional FTP server functions.