Ftp 997

The issue is this, Sterling requires you to rename all files after you ‘put’ them to the FTP site. That is you must rename it ‘commit/’. The standard service doesn’t support file renaming after the put. So I’ve copied it and am trying to modify it to do a rename right after the put command. The issue is I don’t know what the filename that TN uses to ‘put’ the file. Therefore I can’t rename it.

Implement a custom delivery service. Refer to the TN docs for details on doing this. That way you have complete control of the delivery, including the original name and the rename name. In all the projects I’ve done, we always used a custom delivery service for FTP so that we had explicit naming control.

If you’ve copied the TN FTP service, then you’re on the right track. The logic in there shows how it constructs the name for the put. You’ll add logic to construct the rename name, which is basically to prepend the “commit/” directory to the original filename, which effectively moves the file.

Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions.