Frame relay


 Is there any way to implement Frame Relay protocal in webMethods.As per my knowledge webMethods supports only HTTP,HTTPS,FTP,FTPS,SMTP and File polling and where as Frame Relay is based on WAN connectivity.Am I Right?

Could anybody please provide your inputs?

Thanks in advance


Frame relay is not a protocol. It is a type of telecommunications circuit. The protocols that WM supports will run on top of any telecom circuit including dial-up.

As far i know wM doesnt support Frame Relay connection,but you may have to connect using other softwares like (LEXNET by Cleo) and connect via MQSeries or FTP channel to wM.This type of connection is used in my previous customer site but i dont have more elaborate details on this to describe.They say frame relay connection is a very slow process too.


WM products support Frame Relay in the same way they support LANs, WiFi fiber-optic networks, ISDN, ATM, satellite uplinks or dial-up. The applications don’t care what kind of circuit is being used so long as there is enough bandwidth available to move the data.

A little familiarity with basic networking concepts and the seven layers of the OSI model may be helpful.