Forwarding Mqtt sensor data to a registered cumulocity device

Hi Everyone.
I am currently in the process of developing a logic to connect to a registered cumulocity device in my nodejs service. The main goal is to create an endpoint where I retrieve the device details by cumulocity API. After getting those details, the plan is to forward the actual sensor data from my local mqtt broker by subscribing to a particular topic. The purpose is to forward data of a particular device to the entity registered in cumulocity and also establish a check whether that device has already been registered or not. I would welcome suggestions on how I can improve upon this line of thought. Thanks.

Have you heard of as there seems to be a bit of an overlap with your proposal and what already does out-of-the-box. provides multiple cloud connectivity (to Cumulocity IoT, AWS and Azure), and it offers a local MQTT broker interface for other devices to publish their data to (in a more generic format), and will forward the data to the configured cloud, in your case this would be Cumulocity IoT. On top of that, also supports the standard device management features (e.g. firmware/software/configuration/log etc.).

If you just want to experiment with it, you can startup a docker container using the instructions in the tedge-demo-container.

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I will definitely look into this as it would save a lot of time. The only question I would have for that would be if thin-edge would work on a cumulocity trial? is a pure open source project, so there is nothing stopping you using it to connect to a trial tenant (see the Connecting to Cumulocity IoT Tutorial.

Though just to be clear, the suggested tedge-demo-container is designed to run locally on your machine (it shouldn’t/can’t be deployed as microservice in Cumulocity IoT).

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Basically, I am attempting to test this based on the fact that we will eventually have cumulocity iot edge that will run locally so I think this does fit my use-case.