Dynamic MQTT Mapping - How to connect (almost) any MQTT Device to Cumulocity IoT

I’m excited to invite you to our next IoT Developers Group event. The event is open to everyone.

About the event

Cumulocity IoT provides a MQTT endpoint dedicated to the Cumulocity Data format to connect MQTT Devices. But what about devices using a pre-defined topic structure and JSON payload? In this event, we will demonstrate how this can be achieved - on a concept level and in a live demo.

The base of this session is this extension: GitHub - SoftwareAG/cumulocity-dynamic-mqtt-mapper: Dynamic MQTT Mapper to connect to any MQTT Broker, subscribe on topics and dynamically map & forward data to Cumulocity IoT

The following topics will be covered:

  • Dynamic MQTT Mapping Solution Architecture
  • MQTT Topic & Data Mapping - Using a graphical UI to map device data to Cumulocity IoT Domain Model
  • Extension: Cumulocity MQTT Mapper
  • Extension: Cumulocity MQTT Mapping UI
  • Live Demo: Connecting a device with an example topic structure & payload to Cumulocity IoT. Mapping of data to Cumulocity IoT Domain Model in a zero-code approach.
  • When to use & next steps
  • Q&A

Feedback & Ideas

If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback related to the event, please post them as a reply below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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